Journal of Ecology and Rural Environment ›› 2019, Vol. 35 ›› Issue (4): 515-521.doi: 10.19741/j.issn.1673-4831.2018.0410

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Study on the Enrichment and Migration Characteristics of Heavy Metals in Soil-Grapevine System

PANG Rong-li1, WANG Shu-yan2, WANG Rui-ping1, DANG Qi1, GUO Lin-lin1, XIE Han-zhong1, FANG Jin-bao1   

  1. 1. Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricutural Sciences/Laboratory of Quality & Safety Risk Assessment for Fruit(Zhengzhou), Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Zhengzhou 450009, China;
    2. Luoyang Testing Center for Quality and Safety of Agri-Produces, Luoyang 471023, China
  • Received:2018-07-16 Online:2019-04-25 Published:2019-04-25


In order to explore the characteristics of enrichment and migration of heavy metals in the soil-grape system, grapevine was systematically analyzed in ripe. The contents of Pb, Cd, Cr, Ni, Cu, Zn, Hg, As in the soils, roots, stems, leaves and fruits of grape were determined. The results show that different heavy metals were specific in different organs of grape plants. The distribution of Pb, Cr, As and Ni contents from high to low was root > leaf > stem > fruit, and the distribution of Zn, Cu and Hg contents from high to low was leaf > root, stem > fruit, and the distribution of Cd content from high to low was stem > root > leaf > fruit. The average enrichment coefficient(BCF) of grape plants from high to low was Cd > Zn > Cu > Hg > Ni > Cr > As > Pb. Cd was 1.64 and Zn was close to 1.00, and the rest was much less than 1.00. According to the heavy metal migration ability, it could be divided into three categories:The first type was Cd, which had strong enrichment ability. The second type was Zn, which had certain enrichment ability. The third type was Cr, Pb, Ni, Hg, and Cu, which had no enrichment ability. The migration characteristics of different heavy metals in soil-grapevine system were different. Among them, Zn had strong migration ability between root-soil, root-stem and between stem-leaf, but weak between stem-fruit;Cd had very strong root-stem migration ability, but weak between stem-leaf and stem-fruit;Cu had stronger migration ability between root-stem and between stem-leaf, but weaker between root-soil and between stem-fruit;Hg had very strong migration ability between stem-leaf. Cr, Pb, As and Ni also had certain migration ability between stem-leaf, but their absorption was hindered in some way.

Key words: soil, grape, heavy metals, enrichment, migration

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