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Effects of Non-Tillage on N2O and CO2 Emissions From Sandy Loam Soil in the North China Plian

CAI  Yan-Jiang, DING  Wei-Xin, ZHU  An-Ning, ZHANG  Jia-Bao   

  1. Institute of Soil Science,Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Received:2011-04-25 Online:2011-09-25 Published:2011-10-12
  • Contact: DING Wei-Xin Institute of Soil Science,Chinese Academy of Sciences

Abstract: To investigate effects of non-tillage on N2O and CO2 emmissions in the North China Plain,a field experiment was conducted to measure N2O and CO2 emiisions from soil under conventional tillage and soil that had just assumed non-till-age practice,using close chamber technique and gas chromatography during the maize growing season.Cumulative N2O emission from the non-tillage soil was 0.31 kg·hm-2,just slightly higher than from the tilled soil,being 0.27kg·hm-2.In contrast,non-tillage significantly increased soil CO2 emission by 41.6% compared to tillage(1333kg·hm-2).N2O emission peaks appeared after irrigation,heavy rainfall or consecutive cloudy days.N2O emission peaks in the non-tillage treatment ranged from 28.1 to 38.4 μg·m-2·h-1,which were greater than those in the tillage treament (18.6-25.7 μg·m-2·h-1).N2O and CO2 fluxes in the two tillage systems displayed a significant exponential relationship with soil temperature,and the seasonal variation of N2O and CO2 fluxes could be better explained by soil temperature in tilled soil than in non-tilled soil.

Key words: nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, non-tillage, greenhouse gas, North China Plain, fluvo-aquic soil

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