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Effect of Slow/Controlled Release Fertilizers on CH4 and N2O Emissions From Helianthus tuberosus Field on Tidal Flat During Growing Season

,WANG  Hao-Cheng, CHEN  Nan-Nan, ZHOU  Chao, ZHANG  Ling, LIU  Shu-Wei, ZOU  Jian-Wen   

  1. College of Resources and Environmenal Science,Nanjing Agricultural University
  • Received:2012-05-04 Revised:2012-05-04 Online:2012-07-25 Published:2012-07-25
  • Contact: ZOU Jian-Wen College of Resources and Environmenal Science,Nanjing Agricultural University

Abstract: A field experiment, designed to have seven treatments,i.e. U+DCD(urea plus dicyandiamide),U+HQ(urea plus hydroquinone),UF(urea formaldehyde), CMCU(Ca-Mg-P-coated urea),PCU(polymer-coated urea),SCU(sulfur-coated urea)and CK or U(urea), was conducted to explore effects of some typical slow-release fertilizers on methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions from Helianthus tuberosus fields on tidal flat in Dafeng of Jiangsu Province during its growing season in 2010.Fluxes of CH4 and N2O emissions from the field were measured simultaneously with the static chamber-GC method.Results show that in terms of seasonal CH4 emission, the 7 treatments followed the order of U > PCU > UF > SCU > CMCU > U+HQ > U+DCD, emitting 1.25, 0.59, 0.43, 0.27, 0.25, 0.26 and -0.21 kg•hm-2, respectively. Compared with urea, the slow/controlled-release nitrogen fertilizers reduced seasonal CH4 emissions by about 53%-80%, but did not vary much among themselves. In terms of seasonal N2O emission, the treatments followed the order of PCU > SCU > CMCU > U > UF > U+HQ > U+DCD, emitting 2.94, 2.44, 2.27, 2.24, 1.77, 1.47 and 1.34 kg•hm-2, respectively. Relative to urea, chemically-altered fertilizers reduced seasonal N2O emission by 21%–40%, whereas physically-altered fertilizers increased total N2O emission by 1%–31%. The findings suggest that from the aspect of the global warming potential, all the chemically altered nitrogen fertilizers display significant emission reducing effect.

Key words: slow-released fertilizer, coastal area, energy plant, Helianthus tuberosus, CH4, N2O, greenhouse gas

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