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CO2 and N2O Emissions From Red Soil During Wheat and Corn Growing Seasons Under Different Ptterns of Long-Term Fertilization

HUANG  Jing, ZHANG  Yang-Zhu, LIU  Hong-Bin, WANG  Bo-Ren   

  1. College of Resources and Environment,Hunan Agricultural University
  • Received:2011-03-04 Online:2011-07-25 Published:2011-08-03
  • Contact: WANG Bo-Ren Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning,Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Abstract: Fluxes and cumulative emissions of CO2 and N2O from red soil duting the wheat and corn seasons under different patterns of long-term fertilization(CK,NP,NK,NPK and NPKM)were monitored by making use of the long-term,16-year wheat-corn rotation experiment on upland red soil in the Qiyang Red Soil Experiment Station,Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.The static dark chamber method and gas chromatograph technique were used to collect and measure concentrations of CO2 and N2O.Results show that emissions of CO2 and N2O varied obviously with the seasons.Fertilization significant affected the emissions of CO2 and N2O,and application of manure significantly promoted the emission of CO2 and N2O.The cumulative emission of CO2 from Treatment CK,NP,NK,NPK and NPKM was measured to be 5904,8062,4298,9235 and 14098kg•hm-2 and 4708,7530,5435,7089 and 15472kg•hm-2,respectively,in the wheat season and corn season,and the cumulative emission of N2O,0.34,0.63,0.44,0.62 and 1.00kg•hm-2 and 0.25,0.39,0.35,0.52 and 1.73kg•hm-2.On average,the cumulative emissions of CO2 and N2O during the wheat fallow period accounted for 63.52% and 28.43%,respectively,of the total of the whole wheat season,and the cumulative emissions of CO2 and N2O during the corn fallow period for 49.98% and 32.72%,respectively,of the total of the whole corn growth season,which suggest that emission of CO2 and N2O during the fallow season should not be neglected.Flux of CO2 emission in all the treatments was significantly related to soil temperature at 5 cm depth,except for Treatment NP,NK and NPK in the corn season,but flux of N2O emission was not in any of the treatments.None of the treatments,except for Treatment NPKM,showed any significant relationship between flux of CO2 or N2O emission and soil water content.

Key words: long-term fertilization, red soil, CO2, N2O, emission of greenhouse gas

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