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Volume 18 Issue 1
10 February 2002
Eco-Functional Regionalization and Protection of Eco-Functions in Heihe River Basin
HU Meng-Chun, JIANG Jian-Guo, ZHANG Geng-Sheng, AN Feng, CHEN Ning-Li, KONG Zuo-Jun, WANG Li-Ming, LIU Xiao-Yun, MA Rong-Hua, CHAI Fa-Xi
2002, 18(1):  1-5. 
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According to the principles of integrity,dominance and comprehensiveness,the Heihe River basin is divided into three eco functional regions and nine eco functional sub regions by the method of overlapping coverage.The ecological characteristics and problems of each functional region and sub region are analyzed.On such a basis,measures are put forward for protecting ecology in each region and sub region,and strategies for protection and management of the ecology of Heihe River basin are proposed.
Eco-Geo-Environment of Rocky Desertification and Its Driving Mechanism--A Typical Example in Karst Mountainous Areas of Guizhou Province
ZHANG Dian-Fa, WANG Shi-Jie, ZHOU De-Quan, LI Rui-Ling
2002, 18(1):  6-10. 
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As a main form of land desertification, rocky desertification is developing drastically in karst mountainous areas of Southwest China.As a main result of interactions between irrational human activities and the vulnerable eco geo environmental settings,rocky desertification has become one of the most serious environmental,social and economic problems in Guizhou Province.Various endogenic processes in the geological history created the characteristics and geomorphic features of the surface rocks that are responsible for the vulnerability of the eco geo environmental settings.The resultant extensively distributed steep slopes and gullies offer potential energy for water erosion.The pure carbonate rock,accounting for 44 66% of the total land area of the province,provides an abundant material basis for rocky desertification. External disturbances resulting mostly from rapid population growth, poverty, irrational human activities and unreliable social factors, help trigger and accelerate development of the rocky desertification.It could be concluded that rocky desertification is the final result of a vicious cycle of social economic stress and environmental deterioration.
Effect of Amendments on Ryegrass Grown on Copper Mine Tailing
HAO Xiu-Zhen, ZHOU Dong-Mei, WANG Yu-Jun, CHEN Huai-Man
2002, 18(1):  11-15. 
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A study was conducted on effect of montmorillonite,rice straw and fowl dung,used as amendment, on growth of ryegrass on copper mine tailing.Results show that biomass of ryegrass in a 25 day growth period changed in the presence of amendments.Addition of montmorillonite improves growth of ryegrass.Meanwhile,low rate of rice straw and fowl dung stimulates growth of ryegrass,too.Compared with the control, montmorillonite increases the content of available NH 4 + in copper mine tailing.In addition,fertilization of copper mine tailing decreases its pH value by 1~2.Available Cu,Zn,Pb and Cd in copper mine tailing was found increasing with the quantity of rice straw and fowl dung applied,but decreasing with montmorillonite.Heavy metals in ryegrass in most conditions are exceeding the criteria set in the national hygiene standard for food.
LuxAB-Labeling of Methylparathion-Degrading Bacterium Pseudomonas sp.DLL-1 and Its Fate in the Soil
SHEN Biao, HONG Qing, LI Shun-Peng
2002, 18(1):  16-21. 
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The plasmid pTR102 containing LuxAB gene was translated into methylparathion degrading bacterium Pseudomonas sp.DLL-1 by the tri parent conjugation method.The plasmid pTR102 in conjugator DLL-1-B was considerably stable and had no serious effect on the growth and methylparathion degrading capacity of the host.The population of DLL-1-B declined following its introduction into soil,rather slowly in the first two days and rapidly afterwards.When the population fell down to 10 3~10 4 g -1 dry soil,it leveled off.The population of DLL-1-B dropped more rapidly and its life span was much shorter in water than in soil.The mobility of DLL-1-B cells on upland soil was poor, so they usually existed in the upper 10 cm, whereas it was much better in paddy field and 2×10 2 g -1 dry soil of DLL-1-B could be detected in soil 20~30 cm in depth. 
Effect of Cage Aquiculture on Eutrophication in Luoma Lake
HUANG Wen-Yu, XU Peng-Zhu, FAN Cheng-Xin
2002, 18(1):  22-25. 
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According to results of the 1998 study on nutrient input from cage aquiculture into Luoma Lake,the input of nitrogen and phosphorus was 339 and 57 t,respectively,accounting for 27% and 33% of the total input,respectively, indicating the effect of cage aquiculture on eutrophication of the waterbody of Luoma Lake.Moreover,the analysis of the variation in water surface area and the yield of the cage aquiculture in the lake in the past 10 years revealed that the area of cage aquiculture tended to be stable after 1995 and so did the effect of the aquiculture on eutrophication of the waterbody of Luoma Lake.
Effects of Hg2+ on Ultrastructure and Function of Photosynthetic Membrane of Nuphar pumilum DC
JIE Kai-Bin, SHI Guo-Xin, CHEN Guo-Xiang, LIU Shuang, JIANG Yong
2002, 18(1):  26-30. 
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Effects of Hg 2+ ,varied with concentration,on electron transport activity of photosystem,absorption spectrum,fluorescence emission spectrum at room temperature,polypeptide compositions and ultrastructure of thylakoid membrane of Nuphar pumilum DC.were studied. Hg 2+ inhibited the electron transport activity of PSⅠ and PSⅡ and the effect was stronger on PSⅠ than on PSⅡ.For the Hg 2+ treatment,its absorption peaks were at 430 nm and 680 nm and its fluorescence peak,too,at 685 nm,but the Hg 2+ treatment did not affect its polypeptide composition.Treatment with 10 mmol·L -1 Hg 2+ caused thylakoid swell and stroma reduce in chloroplast.With the time of the treatment extending,thylakoid swelled further and eventually decomposed. As a consequence, stroma further reduced as well.
Effect of Fluoride on Catalase Activity in Silkworm (Bombyx mori)
CHEN Zhi-Wei, JIA Xiu-Ying, LIN Min-Shu
2002, 18(1):  31-34. 
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Effect of fluoride on catalase activity in silkworm (Bombyx mori)was studied by adding fluoride to the silkworms′ artificial feed.Results showed that the catalase activity in the hemolymph of the silkworms significantly increased with the amount of fluoride added in the feed.In fluoride poisoned silkworms,it could not be reduced to a normal level just by feeding them on fluoride free diet or on fluoride free diet and fluoride added diet alternately.Addition of lime to the artificial feed decreased the effect of fluoride on catalase activity in hemolymph of the silkworms.
Characteristics of 2,4-Dichlorophenol Adsorption by Bamboo-Carbon and Affecting Factors
XU Yi-Gang, SHI Li-Li
2002, 18(1):  35-37. 
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Studies on characteristics of 2,4 dichlorophenol absorption by bamboo carbon in water solution and their affecting factors showed that bamboo carbon had a fairly strong capacity of adsorbing 2,4 dichlorophenol.The adsorption effect was closely related to particle size and quantity of bamboo carbon used,concentration of pollutants,and duration and pattern of equilibration.
Functions of Biodiversity in Agroecosystem-Approaches to Its Conservation and Orientation of Future Research
CHEN Xin, TANG Jian-Jun, WANG Zhao-Qian
2002, 18(1):  38-41. 
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In agroecosystems,biodiversity performs a variety of ecological services beyond the production of food,including recycling of nutrients,regulation of microclimate,control of soil erosion,remediation of degraded environment,suppression of undesirable organisms and detoxification of noxious chemicals.Conservation of biodiversity in agroecosystem includes management of habitat(artificial and natural),species(targeted or planned biota and non targeted or associated biota)and genetic diversities. A proper management of habitat diversity and an ideal arrangement of planned biodiversity can enhance associated biodiversity and genetic diversity.It is suggested that the researches on functions of habitat diversity in species diversity conservation,influence of agricultural practices on species and genetic diversity and roles genetic diversity may play in fostering disaster resistance,production stability,ecological equilibrium should be emphasized.
Bioremediation of Eutrophied Lakes in China
GU Zong-Lian
2002, 18(1):  42-45. 
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Based on the current situation of lake eutrophication in China,primary indexes for eutrophication of the lakes were enumerated.Mechanism for lake eutrophication and theoretical basis for bioremediation of eutrophied lakes(especially removing carbon,nitrogen and phosphorous from the waterbody and deposit of lakes)were discussed.On such a basis,technical approaches to bioremediation of lake eutrophication were proposed.Besides,advantages and disadvantages of mechanical dredging and bioremediation were analyzed. 
Effect of Agricultural Management Practices on N2O Emission of Farmlands
ZOU Jian-Wen, HUANG Yao
2002, 18(1):  46-49. 
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Threat of nitrous oxide(N2O)to the environment is characterized by increasing atmospheric greenhouse gas and depleting stratospheric ozone.Effects of agricultural management practices, including cropping system,choice of crop variety,fertilization,irrigation and tillage on N2Oemission of farmlands,were reviewed to address the significance of agriculture management to the environment.Several topics were suggested for further investigation in the years to come. 
Intraspecific Difference in Plant Response to UV-B Radiation and Its Mechanism
GAO Zhao-Hua, LI Yuan, TAN Ling-Ling
2002, 18(1):  50-53. 
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Researches on UV-B radiation are generalized,especially those on response of plant to UV-B radiation.Under supplementary UV-B radiation,response diversifies within a certain species of plants.The difference may exist in plant development,morphostructure,physiological biochemistry and ultraviolet B absorbing compounds.The mechanism for formation of the differences is also discussed on DNA basis,which may provide some theoretic bases for future research on plant protection.  AbstractFilter('EnChDivSummary','ChDivSummaryMore2','ChDivSummaryReset2');
Basic Concepts in the Study of Rural Settlement Ecology
CHEN Yong, CHEN Guo-Jie
2002, 18(1):  54-57. 
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In order to promote the study of rural settlement ecology, some basic concepts such as ’rural settlement’ and ’rural settlement ecosystem’,and major contents in the study of rural settlement ecology were explored.
Status of the Haibei Reclamation Zone and Its Exploitation
ZHANG Zhen-Hua, HAN Fei
2002, 18(1):  58-61. 
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Investigation on types and distribution of vegetation and soils in the Haibei Reclamation Zone of Jiangsu Province was carried out by means of multi point sampling for analysis.On the basis of the investigation,some proposals for exploiting and ameliorating the land of the zone are put forth from the viewpoint of comprehensive utilization and eco environment protection. 
Status Quo and Countermeasures for Management of Pesticide in China
YE Ya-Ping, SHAN Zheng-Jun
2002, 18(1):  62-64. 
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A brief introduction was made to the status quo of the management of pesticide in China.Based on the analysis of major problems existing in the current management system, countermeasures were brought forth for consummating the rules and regulations for pesticide control, establishing pesticide management agencies and tuning the pesticide management system in China.